An empty cellblock. One goal for A Future and A Hope Foundation is to keep this cellblock vacant. Prisons at every level have become a revolving door for the cycle of arrest, incarceration, release from prison, and then re-arrest. Upon release from county jails, state prisons, or federal prisons, most inmates re-entering their communities face a vast array of obstacles that hinder their success.

What are these obstacles to re-entry?

  • Scarcity of affordable housing
  • Unemployment
  • Absence of marketable job skills
  • Inadequate transportation
  • Education deficiencies
  • No healthcare
  • Procedures to resolve existing legal issues
  • Very little money or family support

Is it any wonder that the recidivism rate for ex-offenders is over 67% within 3 years of their release from jail?

A Future and A Hope Foundation, in partnership with TEC Services Consulting and the Kane County Correctional Center, is currently developing an innovative model of re-entry for inmates returning to the Aurora, Illinois area. TEC Services will provide inmates with comprehensive workforce development skills and basic education skills while they are incarcerated. There are many agencies offering workforce development programs to inmates while they are in jail.  However, a major problem arises when an inmate is released from prison.  Where does he go to complete his job training?  Who will help him find needed housing, transportation, health care services, substance abuse counseling, support groups, and employment?

A Future and A Hope Foundation is committed to connecting ex-offenders with the transitional services they desperately need upon release from the county jail.  Working with TEC Services and the Kane County Correctional Center, the Foundation will begin assessing the needs of inmates in the workforce training program before they are released from incarceration.  Upon release, a seamless transition will occur for the inmate to continue their workforce development and educational training with TEC Services at a local site. The Foundation will then connect them with the vital services they need to rebuild their lives.